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Product Range Package
 Category of welding materials  Inner packing (Kg) Outer packing (Kg)  Remark
 Carbon Steel Electrode  5  20  
 Low-alloy Steel Electrode  5  20  
Heat-resistant &Low Temperature Steel Electrode  5  20  
 Stainless Steel Electrode  2  20  
 Surfacing Electrode  5  20  
 Cast Iron Electrode Z208Z238  2  20  
 Cast Iron Electrode Z308Z408Z508  1  10  
 Cellulosic Pipe Welding Electrode  2  20  Vacuum packaging
 Gas-shielded Solid welding Wirecarbon steellow-alloy steel  20  20  Ф0.8 15Kg/piece
Gas-shielded Solid welding Wirestainless steel  15           15                                    Ф0.8 12.5Kg/piece       
 Gas-shielded Solid Welding Wirebarrel  350/250     
 Gas-shielded Flux-cored Welding Wirecarbon steellow-alloy steel  15    Vacuum packaging
Self-shielded Flux-cored Welding Wire  6 Kg /spool  30Kg /barrel  Ф2.0 Vacuum packaging
 Gas-shielded Flux-cored Welding Wirestainless steel  12.5    Vacuum packaging
 Submerged-arc Welding Wire  25/50/100/200/250 /300/350    
 Argon-arc Welding Wirecarbon steel  5    
 Argon-arc Welding Wirestainless steel  5    
 Sintered Flux  25    


Golden Bridge Electrode Measurement Chart

Category of welding materials Electrode diameter (mm) Electrode length (mm)
Carbon steel electrodeLow-alloy steel electrodeHeat-resistant &Low Temperature Steel ElectrodeSurfacing electrodeZ208Z238 φ2.5 300
φ3.2 350
φ4.0 φ5.0 400
Stainless steel electrode D5XX φ2.5 300
φ3.2 φ4.0 φ5.0 350
Z308Z408Z508 φ2.5 φ3.2 300
φ4.0 φ5.0 350
Cellulosic electrode φ3.2 φ4.0 φ5.0 350